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Precious metals purchased through GBIGOLD are manufactured by refiners recognized by the LBMA for their production of good delivery bars. Through GBIGOLD’s proprietary network of institutional dealers and refiners, clients are ensured that they are getting the most competitive prices in the market.
GBIGOLD ensures best price by leveraging its network of institutional dealers and refiners for all client trades. Through a competitive bidding model for each order, the client has greater transparency and knows that they are getting the best available price.
Precious metals purchased through GBIGOLD are manufactured by refiners recognized by the LBMA for their production of good delivery bars. GBIGOLD offers a wide selection gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars and coins. Please visit our products page for a complete listing.

Precious Metals

The Good Delivery specification is a set of rules issued by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) describing the physical characteristics of gold and silver bars used in settlement in the wholesale London bullion market. These bars are notable for their recognized brands and high purity.
Currently, precious metals are stored on behalf of clients in protected and insured vaults in New York, Salt Lake City, Zurich, and London. In the future, GBIGOLD may offer other storage locations based on security and customer preferences. GBIGOLD has partnered with approved vaulting partners to provide storage, insurance and transportation services.
Precious metal holdings are reconciled on a daily basis by our approved vaulting partners. Inventory reports containing bar lists are sent to GBIGOLD by our vaulting partners for all individual holdings and are reported to clients daily. In addition, an internationally recognized Big Four auditing firm physically audits all of our client’s precious metal holdings at least annually.
GBIGOLD stores precious metals on an “allocated” basis. Allocated means the precious metal is held in the vault specifically on behalf of each client.
GBIGOLD strives to settle orders within 2 business days following their execution. In the unlikely case that GBIGOLD is unable to purchase or sell precious metal bars totaling the exact order amount, the Broker will only be required to pay (in the case of a purchase) or will only receive (in the case of a sale) the amount due or received in connection with the executed transaction.

When purchase or sale orders are placed and GBIGOLD cannot match precious metal bars from a Precious Metal Supplier or the Retail Client, as applicable, exactly to the dollar amount, GBIGOLD will use its reasonable discretion to execute the transaction as close as possible to the dollar amount.
Only certain bars have unique serial numbers. We only send serial numbers for variable weight bars. The stamp on most bars are stamps from the refiner and are not unique identifying numbers. Bars with unique serial numbers include 100oz and 400oz. gold bars and 1000oz. silver bars – and all three are considered “variable weight” bars. When a client purchases a bar with a unique serial number, they will maintain ownership of that particular bar. All others are allocated.
All precious metals offered through GBIGOLD are fully-allocated, and NEVER stored in “pooled” accounts. Your holdings are distinct and separate from all other accounts, eliminating counterparty risk. GBIGOLD products are available for storage in our fully-insured, private vaulting facilities (Brink’s, Viamat/ Loomis International, Malca Amit). Current vaulting locations include New York City, Salt Lake City, Toronto, London, Zurich, Singapore and Sydney. Clients may also take their precious metals for delivery. Additional locations can be opened as necessary.
Clients may also take their precious metals for delivery. GBIGOLD partners with logistics leaders Brink’s, Loomis International and Malca Amit to securely transport and deliver precious metals via insured commercial couriers or armored trucks to virtually any location in the world.

Account Opening

Through the GBIGOLD's secure online portal, opening an account is fast and convenient. Once your application is approved, you can remit funds and begin trading.
There is no upfront cost for establishing your GBIGOLD account.
GBIGOLD offers Individual, Joint, Corporate, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, LLC, and Trust accounts.

Generation Plan

GBIGOLD provides the ability to purchase a fractional amount of gold and/or silver on a monthly basis. Clients pre-fund their GBI gold account by international wire transfer to make designated purchases accordingly. On the 24th of the month GBIGOLD will purchase the allocation amount specified and credit your account with the newly acquired position
GBIGOLD offers you the following product options to be purchased within this plan: Gold 1Kg's, Gold Canadian Maple Leafs coins, Gold 1 oz bars, and Silver 100oz bars.
The allocation date is the date in which we execute your order for the fractional product(s) specified in the Generation Plan Settings. This will occur on 02/26/2019.
You can convert your fractional allocated product into a whole bar position when the quantity of unallocated ounces is equal to our greater than the amount of fine ounces backing your product.
On the portfolio page an option to convert the product is displayed when you have an unallocated position equal to our greater than the amount of fine ounces backing your product.
All products in this program will be stored in our Salt Lake City vault.
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